Leonardo Tommasin

the lovers SERIES
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the lovers SERIES

# LTO11004

Serie: untitled love



Open Edition / Serie aus 3 Bildern
Grössen: 18x14cm/18x24cm/18x14cm


Open Edition / Serie aus 3 Bildern
Grössen: 30x23cm/30x40cm/30x23cm


alle Formate erhältlich als:

  • Foto Print Lambda
  • Kaschierung (Acrylscheibe)





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Bild Info

With this work I reinterpreted the Renè Magritte canvas, "the lovers",
(which in turn invokes a Giorgio De Chirico canvas "Ettore and Andromaca"),
and I splitted it in tree parts.

This pictures talks about the incapacity of comunication between humans,
a sharing of a mute love in a humanity full of distress and bereft of his identity.

text: Leonardo Tommasin